Charge Conference 2019

Please put on your calendar the following dates. A word of explanation may be found below:

  • Sunday, October 6, 6:30pm  Congregational Meeting with Rev. Susan Brims (Central East District Superintendent) 
  • Sunday, November 17, 6:30pm Annual Charge Conference

From the district superintendents of the Desert Southwest Annual Conference:

Dear Co-Workers in Christ, 

Rev. Brims, Central East District Superintendent

Charge Conference season 2019 falls during a unique time. This is the only Charge Conference season that will fall between General Conference 2019 and General Conference 2020. It feels like a holy season to us. As the District Superintendents for the Annual Conference we believe God is calling us take advantage of every opportunity to prepare for an unknown future. We want to face the days ahead with grace and faith in God and in one another. For these reasons we have decided that the 2019 Charge Conferences will be very different from our usual pattern. We are asking that every local church schedule two separate meetings this fall. One is to deal with the business of your congregation, as required by the Book of Discipline. The other is to engage in conversation about what the future of our Conference and your congregation. 

Rev. N. Susan Brims invites the members and friends of Dayspring UMC to a congregational meeting to be held on Sunday, October 6 at 6:30pm. The purpose of this meeting is to engage in prayerful conversation about matters facing our Annual Conference and local churches. 

A charge conference for Dayspring UMC is scheduled for Sunday, November 17 at 6:30pm for the purpose of conducting the business of the church as required by the 2016 Book of Discipline. This is a charge conference, which means only members of the Covenant Council may vote. Members of the church are welcome to attend and speak but will not have vote.