La Flor en Paradis

the roots of song in medieval Europe

We have a unique recital of some rarely heard music featuring a singer and a little-known instrument. On Sunday, February 23, at 3:00pm, Concerts@Dayspring presents ASU alumna Anne-Kathryn Olsen (former student of Dayspring member David Britton) and organetto player Guillermo Perez. The organetto is (as the name suggests) a small pipe organ from the middle ages. The player pumps the bellows with one hand and plays on a keyboard with the other. The concert presents an intimate look into the early history of accompanied song in Europe, from the splendid organum of Notre Dame and the dramatic ornamented chant of Las Huelgas monastery to the graceful and erotic songs of 14th-century France. This music is sensuous and unusual, and trust me, it’s lot less esoteric than it sounds!

Tickets are $15 and will be available HERE. In the spirit of Christina Rossetti’s words, all we ask of you is your presence. You will be rewarded many times over by a rich, moving experience.

-David Schildkret

Perfect Here

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, WildeP’lay (featuring guest artist Beth Lederman) brings a performance packed full of moving music in celebration of our home.

Singer/saxophonist Donna Wilde and pianist/keyboardist Richard Palalay are at the core of WildeP’lay. As well as being accomplished composers, they are veteran performers who have appeared together in many different venues since 2013.

Their music blends elements of Jazz, Pop, Classical, and Rock. The result is a sound that defies easy categorization…yet resonates in a very familiar way.

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