Wednesday Evening Fellowship

FALL 2019

Wednesday Evening Fellowship begins October 16 and continues through November 6 in Fellowship Hall. Dinner is served at 5:30pm with our master chefs in the kitchen! it is always a treat to eat their creations!

You have spoken and we have listened! We’re offering two sessions at 6:30 and 7:30 again! (Please see below for descriptions of the classes.) Eating around the tables with our Dayspring family is a wonderful time for fellowship and forming new friendships. Following the dinner – just like at home! – those who can, help to clean up! Email Pastor Shirley for more information.

6:30pm CLASSES:

Exploring Privilege

Have you ever heard the term “Check Your Privilege”? It typically is directed toward someone who is acting or speaking from a position of privilege. And when someone says this statement, the recipient often isn’t aware of the position from which they are speaking/acting.

And the unique thing about privilege is that a person can simultaneously exist in various levels of privilege BUT they often perceive themselves as not having privilege because they don’t have one specific kind of privilege. The reality is, we all have privilege.

What is important is how we choose to recognize and respond to our privilege.

Starting on October 16th, we will be exploring different types and root causes of privilege that exist in our world today. We will learn about the nuances and challenges of privilege and that they are inter-connected. The class will address privilege as a spiritual identity issue and not primarily as a political or psychological issue. Together, we will learn that by owning the different ways we are privileged, we can increase our awareness and empathy with ourselves and for one another.

A variety of persons will share in the leadership of this class, each sharing their experience and understanding of privilege. If you are interested in exploring the complexities of privilege, please join us. Questions? Contact:  Julie O’Neal

Congregational Care

Have you ever wondered how to respond to a friend or family member who is struggling with difficult health issues or grief and you didn’t know how to respond? The Stephen Leadership team will be offering a four week workshop that you will help you learn and practice ways to respond. This workshop is open to everyone who would like to learn how to carefully care. The workshop will be very interactive.

Sessions 1 and 2: Active Listening: a core skill for any caring conversation
(6:30—James Baker, 7:30—Suzanne Harbster)
Sessions 3 and 4: Supporting others through health issues and/or grief
(6:30—Joel Bullock, 7:30—Elizabeth Winker)

7:30pm CLASS:

Invite Welcome Connect Workshop 

Join Pastors Jeff and Joel as we explore what it means to be a relational church in our community using inviting, welcoming, and connecting techniques. For many, talking about our faith and our church is one of the most difficult things we can do. In this workshop, we will learn the importance of personal invitation, welcoming folks, hearing their stories, recognizing their gifts, and connecting them to ministry.