Children @Dayspring

Safe Sanctuary
Dayspring is a Safe Sanctuary church where children, youth and elders may experience the abiding love of God and fellowship within the community of faith

DSCN0148Sunday School Classes for Four-Year-Olds through 6th Grade
Age-appropriate classes for children are provided during the worship services weekly. Classes are taught by teams of teachers dedicated to developing your child’s Christian faith. Children must be four before Sept. 1st of the current school year to participate. Younger children will be provided with age-appropriate play and activities in the nursery and 2’s/3’s playroom.

Godly Play
The goal of Godly Play is to teach children the art of using the language of the Christian tradition to encounter God and find direction for their lives. Jerome Berryman, who drew upon Montessori philosophies to create Godly Play, outlines six objectives to meet this goal:

1) to model how to wonder in religious education, so children can “enter” religious language rather than merely repeating it or talking about it.
2) to show children how to create meaning with the language of the Christian tradition and how this can involve them in the experience of the Creator.
3) to show children how to choose their own work, so they can confront their own existential limits and depth issues rather than work on the kinds of problems dictated by others, including adults.
4) to organize the educational time to follow the pattern of worship that the Christian tradition has found to be the best way to be with God in community.
5) to show children how to work together as a community by supporting and respecting each other and one another’s quest.
6) to organize the educational space so that the whole system of Christian language is present in the room, so children can literally walk into that language domain when they enter the room and can begin to make connections among its various parts as they work with the lesson of the day and their responses in art or other lessons. (from Teaching Godly Play: The Sunday Morning Handbook by Jerome W. Berryman)

Professional ChildcareDSC_0171
Professional childcare is provided during each worship service for children from birth through age two. Age-appropriate play and activities are provided for older toddlers.

Children’s Worship Guides
Children’s Worship Guides are available for children attending worship. They contain crayons and lesson sheets. Available for ages 3-12, with activities that suit their skills.

Children's Choir Large

Children’s Choirs
Let your child express the music inside her or him! All the children’s choirs meet on Wednesday nights. The Cherub Choir is for 3 year olds – Kindergarteners at 6:00 p.m. in the Adult Room. Dayspring Children’s Choir is for 1st – 6th grades and meets at 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center. These choirs sing in church once a month. more

The United Methodist Church traditionally presents Bibles to 3rd graders in September. But what then? “Awake” is an overnight lock-in in the fall and spring for 3rd – 6th graders that teaches them about their Bibles.


BeTween is an adaptation of the Covenant Discipleship groups, designed especially for children in 4th – 6th grades. In small groups, led by an adult, children create their own covenant. They met weekly to share their successes and struggles to keep their covenant, pray for each other and the church, explore issues of justice in their communities and the world, and do service projects.

Vacation Bible School
Each year we hold Vacation Bible School in late June. Children 3 years old prior to September 1st of the previous school year through those who have completed 5th grade may attend.VBS 14

Summer Camps
The Desert Southwest Annual Conference offers annually a variety of camp experiences for your children. Look for announcements about this summer’s offerings in the Koinonikos, or pick up a brochure in the church office in the late spring.

Our children have many opportunities to serve. At Thanksgiving we collect food for United Food Bank. In the fall the children create art or display a talent to raise money for a charity of their choice. Other missions happen during the year based on the children’s interests.