New Member Tile

If you have been attending Dayspring UMC regularly and not looked into becoming a member, why not? Here are some reasons why non-members should seriously consider joining the church:

  • We all need to feel that we belong. Yet in a real sense those who do not join the church do not consider themselves as really belonging to the congregation. They consider themselves as long-term visitors.
  • Members have the satisfaction of knowing that they make possible the work of the congregation. Those who say, “This is where I will put my Christian faith to work and offer my time, talents and money to Christ,” are those who carry the load.
  • Only church members can share in those decisions that determine what the congregation will do. Everyone is invited to worship, learn, and serve. But guiding the life of the congregation is reserved to those who will commit themselves as members.
  • We want you to become a member. We are happy that you are one of us now, but we know that you will feel yourself more a part of this church if you become a member, and we want that for you.

Church membership asks these four questions of you:

  1. Will you love God with your whole heart?
  2. Will you love your neighbor as generously as you love yourself?
  3. Will you seek to follow Jesus and live according to his teachings?
  4. Will you live your life with generosity and hope?

If you want to know more about membership, you can attend a session with Pastors Joel and Jeff on Sunday, March 1 from 11:45am – 1:15pm in room 112.

If you have any questions or wish to RSVP for a membership orientation session, contact Nan or Andrea in the church office at 480-838-1446.