We will host Family Promise again the week of January 26. Volunteers are needed to help set up, tear down, prepare and serve meals, spend the night, entertain, shop, and do laundry. Sign ups will be held at the Missions and Ministry Fair on January 12, and after both services on January 19 and 26.  Please email Maria with questions or to volunteer.

Dayspring hosted Family Promise, an emergency shelter for temporarily homeless families, the week of December 15. There were 14 people hosted, from five different families.  The average family size was three. One family
was composed of an older girl and her baby sister; there were no parents with them. On Sunday night, the families had the opportunity to attend the Chorale’s concert. On Monday, the families enjoyed carols sung by Laura  Roosen’s Girl Scout Troop and enjoyed hot cocoa, cider, and cookies afterwards. On Tuesday night they made Christmas cards with Trish and Tryn. On Wednesday night they decorated the Palo Verde room for  Christmas and made ornaments for the Christmas trees in the room with Kathleen and Julie. On Thursday night they made gingerbread houses with supplies donated by Dayspring’s Youth Group. On Friday they played a version of Left, Right, Center with traveling prizes with Connie, and on Saturday they had the opportunity to walk to the Tempe Pollack Cinema to see a movie. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped set up, cook, serve, spend the night, entertain, tear down, and do laundry. Your time is invaluable and we appreciate you sharing it with Family Promise.  Thank you to the generous donors who made this week financially possible. Thank you to the cooks who provided entrees throughout the week. The families really seemed to enjoy their stay at Dayspring. This week is possible thanks
to all of you.