Life is a constant traveling in the labyrinth, arriving and moving on, finding one’s way to the center and then leaving it, having to turn but proceeding into the path ahead.

~ Gernot Candolini

The labyrinth is a walking meditation. It is a tool that enables us, in the midst of the busyness of life, to be still and focus our thoughts and feelings. How appropriate this is for us during the month of December!! Because we are so busy and stressed is more than enough reason to slow down for a short time to re-create ourselves, to find a new purpose in our busyness, and to dwell on the true meaning for this time of year.

Join Pastor Shirley at the entrance to the labyrinth on the patio on Sunday, December 15th, at 10:00 a.m. to learn more about this remarkable resource we have at Dayspring.