Life is a constant traveling in the labyrinth, arriving and moving on, finding one’s way to the center and then leaving it, having to turn but proceeding into the path ahead.

~ Gernot Candolini

Dayspring is so blessed to have our beautiful labyrinth! Praying the Labyrinth is yet another way to truly be in touch with God’s Love and Grace. However, questions arise: How do I walk the labyrinth? Is there a right or wrong way? How do I begin? What do I think as I walk? Will I get lost? What if nothing happens to me when I walk the labyrinth?

All are honest questions! Meet Pastor Shirley following both services on Sunday, May 19 at the entrance to the labyrinth on the patio to learn about the history, meaning and purpose of the labyrinth. We have a great treasure in our midst that can truly add to our search for a deeper meaning of Life with God.