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DYMButtonApril Youth News

The youth celebrated spring break in a big way!  The group had several opportunities for fun during the school break.  On Thursday, we met at church and headed to Mesa Escape Room to put our problem solving skills to the test.  We entered the castle challenge room and had one hour to solve all the puzzles and clues and escape with the prize.  It was a tough challenge, but after a gift of 6 extra minutes, the youth were able to escape!  After the challenge, we headed over to Floridino’s pizza and shared a pizza dinner.  

Sunday afternoon we met at church and headed out to try our skill at Frisbee golf!  Many of the youth had not tried frisbee golf, or ‘frolf’, before, so it was a new and fun challenge.  It was a gorgeous spring break day, and the youth enjoyed being outdoors.  After the frolf session, we headed over to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt shop for $5 fill up.  We had a contest to see who could have the most yogurt and toppings in one cup!  It was fun to be out and about during Spring Break!

On the 24th, the youth were excited to attend the Beating Guns Tour with Shane Claiborne.  Several youth showed up early and helped set up the video and audio visual equipment.  Ben even got to help with the forge! It was a wonderful experience for all involved.

Please make plans to attend the Easter Sunrise Service to be held at Dayspring on the patio at 6:30am. The youth are excited to put this service together.  In addition, please make plans to attend the breakfast after the service.  Breakfast will also be served after the 9:00 service.  Simon Parkinson’s famous green chile casserole will be one of the many fabulous dishes on the menu!