December 5, 2018

Good Christian Friends, Rejoice!

United Methodist Hymnal – #224

He hath opened heaven’s door,

and ye are blest forevermore


What’s behind door number two? Haven’t we all wondered that very thing watching the game show Let’s Make a Deal?  It can be so nerve wracking to watch someone risk (or bet) their current winnings, to have what is hiding behind the closed door. Hopefully it will not be a “Zonk”. Actually, opening doors is always somewhat exciting. Opening a door invites us to another experience, maybe another place or time. Think about an ocean front hotel. You open the door from the hall and immediately are overwhelmed by the beautiful and endless vista of water and waves. Or I vividly remember an M&M’s commercial from many years ago. It started with a door being flung open wide, revealing a huge, beautifully decorated, and dazzlingly lit Christmas Tree. (There are cultures in the world where the Christmas Trees are decorated in secret, not revealing them to the children of the family until Christmas Eve, by I’m sure, opening a door.) The open door is such a fitting symbol for the coming of the Christ Child. It was through Jesus’s life, teaching, death and resurrection that we learned the secret of eternal life. It is as though that tiny child flung the door open wide, exposing the glory that awaits us on the other side. And unlike Let’s Make a Deal, there will be no Zonks! We have truly been blest with the prospect of life eternal, and it all seems to begin with an open door. Perhaps that same door through which we welcome everyone to Dayspring.


. . . for I was hungry and you gave me food,

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,

I was a stranger and you welcomed me . . .

MATTHEW  25: 35


God of love and hospitality, show us how to fling open the doors of our hearts, welcoming all into our life experience and space. Help us to understand that we are the truly blest ones, living the way you showed us, following your path to eternal life. May we embrace the stranger, love the unlovable, and practice extravagant hospitality to all we encounter.  Amen.


~Rev. L. Michael Kelley


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