Memory Loss Caregivers’ Support Group

About nine million Americans suffer from dementing illnesses; 5.7 million from Alzheimer’s disease. Dementing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease have a wide variety of presentations and can affect adults in all stages of life.The person with the disease may have a variety of symptoms including memory loss, problems communicating, functional losses, and behavioral issues. Families provide the bulk of care, usually with very little training, information, and coaching.

Support systems are being developed to help families succeed in this all-consuming caregiving effort. Dayspring is developing a support group for families affected by dementing illness. The name of the group is “TAKING CARE: LIVING AND LOVING WITH MEMORY LOSS.” The group is facilitated by two seasoned veterans in Dementia Care, Ann Ahland a social-worker who recently retired after 20-plus years at Friendship Village, and Geri Hall, a nurse who has specialized in dementia care since 1978.

Our group held our first meeting on Zoom on May 18. It was absolutely wonderful to be together again! The additional challenges of Covid-19 have made our mutually supportive group even more meaningful and we have decided that, for now, we will meet twice a month.  The meetings in October are the 12th and 26th.  Please mark your calendars so you won’t forget!

We welcome anyone who cares for a person with memory loss.  If you are aware of someone who may not know about our meetings, please encourage them to contact Pastor Shirley ( so they can be included.  This group welcomes anyone from the community as well as Dayspring members and friends.  Helping those around us makes all of us stronger.

If you are interested in participating in the group, please contact Pastor Shirley at (480) 838-1446 or by email. We look forward to answering your questions and helping to guide you through your dementia care journey.