UMOM Christmas Gifts

Once again we will be collecting gifts for family members residing at the New Day Center Homeless Shelter. We will have the Angel tree up from November 18 through December 2 in between services. Please stop by to help us with this very worthy cause to help bring Christmas cheer to a person at the center. Thanks so much for your help.

Give a Gift of Meaning –UMOM Christmas Tribute Cards

 This season you can help provide shelter to a homeless child and his or her family while solving your Christmas shopping woes with the purchase of UMOM New Day Center’s Christmas Tribute Cards.

Dayspring supports UMOM through the sale of holiday tribute cards that pay for a night of shelter ($15); a day of shelter, food, and childcare for a child ($50); a week of shelter ($100); or a month of shelter ($360) for a homeless child or an adult at UMOM New Day Centers. Stop by the patio table after worship starting November 18 to buy a card or two to give to family and friends as we remember the birth of a child needing shelter so long ago.

The cards make wonderful gifts.

How Does the Program Work?

1) Select the amount you would like to donate. These funds go into supporting a family’s stay at the shelter.

2) Receive a card, blank mailing envelope and insert describing the meaningful gift.

3) Sign, address and give the card to your gift recipient.  They’ll have the joy of knowing a true gift of meaning was provided in their honor.


To read more about UMOM and its programs, please visit UMOM’s website.


UMOM – 2014 Report

UMOM serves over 10,000 individuals annually. It is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian agency founded in 1964. UMOM meets the needs of homeless and hungry persons in our community, building a bridge to self-sufficiency through unique programs.

The UMOM New Day Center houses approximately 500 men, women and children each night with over 2/3 of these persons being children ages 0-15.

In the family Emergency Shelter Program, free emergency housing and meals are provided for homeless families for a period up to four months. During this time of crisis intervention and stabilization, the families are able to access all services that are available at the UMOM New Day Center. In the family Transitional Housing Program, UMOM provides longer-term housing, for up to 24 months, for families; including young adult and teen moms, along with their children.

The goal of the UMOM New Day Center is to provide the homeless with the assistance needed to break their cycle of homelessness. UMOMs success rate is excellent. UMOM places more than 90% of the families in the transitional program in permanent, affordable housing.

Dayspring contributes $150 to pay for Sunday evening meal.

For the period of January through September 2014:

  1. Dayspring volunteers have prepared and served approximately 5000 meals!
  2. Dayspring has contributed approximately $3000!
  3. Dayspring volunteers have donated approximately 250 volunteer hours!