Since 1950, Wesley Community Center has been located in south central Phoenix. It provides many programs and services for families, children/youth, adults, and senior women, including: emergency food assistance, sewing classes, a Sr. Women’s Group, and After-School and Summer Programs.

The Wesley Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), which not only provides medical care, but also provides preventive and health management classes for those living in many zip code areas – not just those surrounding Wesley.

Adult Education programs are offered through the Amigos Center at Calvary United Methodist Church in west Phoenix.

In May of 2014 Wesley continued its mission of “Together We Empower Positive Change” with the acquisition of the Golden Gate Community Center at 39th Avenue and McDowell.

Wesley Community Center is a National Mission Institution of the United Methodist Church and is a partner with Valley of the Sun United Way.

For further information visit Wesley Community Center’s web site: