Memorial Service Reception Team Meeting

Interested in sharing your gifts for hospitality, organization, or encouragement, but have been waiting for the right opportunity to come along?

Join Maria Longley and our pastors for a light lunch and discussion as we launch a brand-new MEMORIAL SERVICE TEAM here at Dayspring.

Sunday, March 15th
Adult Room
Duration: 90 minutes
Light lunch & drinks provided

Our service to families on a day of grief (or the celebration of a life) is perhaps one of the finest opportunities we have at Dayspring to reflect God’s light: our gifts as individuals, and as a congregation, shine during these very tender times.

This fresh, team approach is designed to: 1) Share the load! The same two or three individuals won’t be asked to carry the weight of volunteering every time and 2) EQUIP YOU to let your God-given talents SHINE!

To-Do & Bring With You:

  • Please RSVP with Maria for the purpose of planning lunch. Thank you!
  • Share this opportunity with a Dayspring friend or family member who might like to explore the opportunity to serve.
  • Bring a pen and notepad with you.
  • Be thinking about a ministry name. Some ideas include: Loving Hands, Loving Hearts / FIRST Team: The Funeral Reception Servant Team
  • Be thinking about a brief mission statement and guiding verse. What do YOU think our mission should be? Verse ideas include: Galatians 5:13-15, serving “in love,” / Colossians 3:17, do everything in Jesus’ name / John 13:34, “love one another.” See what others you can find! We’ll look together as well.

Be part of something special! Come and join us.